AAC Blocks

We are offering here the AAC Blocks of various types that are made for use in the various commercial and residential places. The Tiles are thin objects, usually square or rectangular in shape. A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. Paver block or Paving block is one of the most popular flexible surface treatment options for exterior pavement applications. These blocks are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to walk on, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. The offered Tiles And Blocks are made in various sizes and designs. 

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks

The company is a busy supplier of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks to the customers. These blocks are light in weight, which makes them easily handled by the workers. Also, their materials are airy, which prevents the chances of humidity inside the building constructed using these blocks. The soundproofing material of the blocks are great choices for facilitating acoustic insulation. The autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are used for making cavity walls, external and internal fire walls. These are also recyclable options.

Some Of The Intrinsic Advantages :

> Improved Thermal Efficiency Reduces The

Heating And Cooling Load In Buildings.

> Porous Structure Gives Superior Fire


> Reduces Project Cost For Large


> Environmentally Friendly: It Produces At

Least 30% Less Solid Waste Than Traditional

Concrete. There Is A Decrease Of 50% Of

Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

> Due To Less Weight The Blocks Can Be Handled


> Great Ventilation: This Material Is Very Airy

And Allows Diffusion Of Water. This Reduces The

Humidity Inside The Building. Aac Will Absorb

Moisture And Release Humidity. This Helps To

Prevent Condensation And Other Problems That

Are Related To Mildew.

> Accuracy: The Panels And Blocks Made Of

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Are Produced To

The Exact Sizes Needed Before Leaving The

Factory. There Is Less Need For On-site Trimming.

Since The Blocks And Panels Fit So Well

Together, There Is Less Use Of Finishing

Cover Block

We provide the cover blocks to the customers. The blocks are used popularly in the construction sector. These hollow design and branded stone make them preferable choices in the market. They possess square shapes. The maintenance of the blocks is simple and easy. These re made with high quality concretes and used for building the side walls. The cover blocks offer thermal insulation and are light in weight, making them easily transportable and holdable by the workers at sites.


Paver Blocks


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